BMW X4 uncapped the new German SUV. Against odds, the heads of BMW announced just days before the start of the Geneva Motor not exhibit the new X4, the latest and most advanced of the German firm SUV. Despite that, the model has been uncovered completely and even now, its price range for the German market is known. The SUV will appear in the near future in order to convince a large demand and be able to maintain the good form that BMW has achieved so far. Competition is getting stronger but for now, it seems that the German firm will continue ranking among the leaders.

bmw x4

In the range of BMW is a model that has emphasized from the outset, more than any antecedent and is none other than the X6 the SUV par excellence that leaves no one indifferent and has set the trend in recent years. Precisely for the creation of new X4, X6 has served as a model and the external image we see the same sports features that characterize the X6. BMW aims to continue with a good deal in the segment of crossovers and may that over the coming years the X4 is the real protagonist in its category.

Find three options available petrol and diesel after more engines for the model thus fits our needs. All of them have some interesting features but stands out above all the choice of gasoline with more than three hundred horsepower. Within the segment, there have been many in recent years and manufacturers like Nissan have found the key to be the referents. Currently the Nissan does not have a rival to its height when you consider all its features but since BMW intends to change the direction of the segment.

The new X4 incorporates a number of compelling aspects starting with a very radical image, through compact and practices, culminating with a performance to live up to any expectations measures. We leave you with a series of official images of BMW X4 really appreciate its rugged appearance and its similarities with the X6, the largest of the German family crossover.