We are more used to seeing this scene in a movie: a car falls into the sea and its occupants escape. On the big screen, everything seems easy and simple. If we are in that hypothetical situation comfortable and nothing must be prepared. What do we have to do? The steps to follow in case of sinking and being trapped inside our cars explained in detail in the famous American TV show ‘Myth busters’: in one of its many chapters have been able to see Adam Savage escaping from various manures of a car while it is sinking.

How to escape from a sinking car

Keep calm: the first thing is not to lose my temper, if we block will not be able to think clearly. The belt only we will remove at the time of escape: if we do before it is possible that, if water enters the interior of the car and we can move more difficult access doors. It is best to escape by opening the door. If we can, we will do so as quickly as possible to prevent, to equalize internal and external pressure, it is locked. Ideally does it before the car was completely sink?

Remember that when you open the door or window, enter the water at once, so you should be fully prepared to leave at that time. If we cannot get out the door, our next option is the window. First we try to open it either manual or electric opening. If you do not respond, we are obliged to break it. The idea is to have an ad hoc tool for this, but if not we will do with the elbow or heel. In any case, always we try for the side windows and not by the windshield which due to the pressure at which water subjected it is virtually impossible to break.

Undressing: before leaving, it is recommended that we get rid of the shoes and pants. The goal is to find as comfortable as possible for swimming. In addition, the clothes are dangerously susceptible to hook, which can prove fatal in an escape like this. Coordinate the exit: if more people with us in the car we coordinate with them the evacuation of the car before leaving. So, we get to safeguard all occupants. Swim and reach safety: what remains is to reach the surface safely. In case of being disoriented, we will continue to bubbles. In this explanatory video, are based on the rule of POGO. English acronyms mean: take off your belt, open the window and get out of the car Pop Seat Belt, Open the Windows and Get Out the car.