Hyundai i20 vehicles new WRC presented Motorsport for the 2016 season. Race 14 all 2016 calendar events and driver list remains the same. Pardon and Thierry Neville of Hayden are confirmed for the period 2016 with new generation Hyundai Motorsport and i20. Hyundai Motorsport wanted to build the new rally car in the latest i20 three-door this season. However, a delay in the endorsement of a vehicle had to continue with the five-door version.

Hyundai Motorsport Director Michel is a special moment for all of us at Hyundai motorsport to make new generation i20 the WRC world known in our House. We are entering an interesting phase in the journey of our young team which will reinforce our promise and object of the vibrant group of people of WRC. In an attempt to reach customers who were affected by the rains and floods in Chennai, Nissan has intensified operations in the region. Nissan opened a 0124-6628111 toll gratis assist line to satisfy the owners of vehicles that need help.


Excessive rains and floods that have devastated the capital city of Tamil Nadu resulted in a huge loss of lives and possessions with one of the worst affected are that of vehicles. Many vehicles were submerged or flooded. Nissan has appointed head dedicated at every gas station in the region to assist Nissan customers rely on best solutions. Nissan has come to customers through phone and social networks to tell them about the recommencement of the service.

Nissan has also tried to help owners through social media with tips to keep away from damages that can go in the field of cover to minimize losses. Nissan focuses on ease-of-use of spare parts in Chennai with distributors of distribution service vans to be present in abandoned cars. Nissan soon carry out a camp of service to its client’s total check-up and genuine parts at a price discount for clients based in Chennai.