Your website is your most valuable marketing investment: its your first impression, your brochure, your sales pitch, your inventory, and your first chance to reach your customer. There are many valuable strategies for improving your web traffic, but are you making the most of it? When it comes to car dealerships, you may have one sale against tens of thousands of hits. In addition to an online marketing plan, you need a digital lead strategy. One way many dealerships capitalize on visitors to their website is with a smart chat platform.


First generation chat extensions were passive features; they existed for customers to ask questions and write to a real person. Smart platforms have changed the game by integrating behavioral intelligence systems to identify and target otherwise anonymous traffic. Repeat visitors are likely to be seriously considering buying a car, and theyre doing their research. Smart chat platforms such as the one devised by Gubagoo Inc. identify repeat visitors IP addresses and track their browsing patterns. They look at questions such as:

  1. a) What kinds of models are they looking at?
  2. b) What is the price range they seem to be operating in?
  3. c) What type of incentives are they most likely to read more about?

Armed with this information, a chat operator with Gubagoo can make the customers experience on the web more relevant and improve the likelihood that the customer will provide contact information or book a test drive.

Demand for Instant, Live Interaction

When people are browsing for makes and models and comparing prices and incentives, many prefer to stay online. They feel as though they have more control and they are free from pressure tactics by browsing websites as opposed to browsing dealerships. However, the majority of web users who are using the Internet to shop still say that they want live interaction. They want someone to answer their questions and help them take their purchase process to the next step. To find out how you can use this opportunity to introduce your promotions and incentives and recommend your inventory, try visiting and learning about a smart chat platform.

Click-to-Call Search Engines

Form submissions are no longer a reliable way to generate contact information, but why? Its about the changing way people search and how search engines answer. One rapidly growing way people are searching for businesses is on their mobile devices. Today, when you search for a business on your phone, the search pulls up its location, its hours, and the option to call right away. People like to take the path of least resistance; for complicated questions, they would rather call and talk to someone than try to find the answer on their own. An online chat liaison company does not just provide a live chat window; they also provide overflow and after-hours call service. Your salespeople dont always have time to pick up the phone, but 77% of inbound calls to a dealership are from new customers. Those are leads knocking on your door dont let them slip through your fingers.