During the past year, we have seen that several brands are starting to make a strong emphasis on the market of electric models, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Benz, among others. The latter brand is perhaps the most promising future currently has with Audi, having previously presented electric prototypes and with a vision that includes having at least two electric models before the end of the decade.

Mercedes will launch a sub-brand of electric models

This is when the interesting thing is put is that since the German brand claim that the plans at hand could pass for commercializing electric models under a sub brand in the same way that BMW performs with the sub “i” dedicated to efficient and electric models. With a step Mercedes differ significantly each other and said by the way it confirmed that electric models in principle have nothing to do with aesthetics and aerodynamics with the overall brand models. Does this mean we will not see for example an electric GLE?

Mercedes-Benz will launch first electric urban terrain to be located within dimensions and dynamic capabilities similar to Tesla Model X market. This will be followed by a sedan segment E also electric with which it will share chassis, electric motors battery kit both could be based perfectly on the GLE and Class E Mercedes-Benz will opt for giving a different and significant changes to both the independent and totally be located as new models of public-facing design. A strategy that, broadly speaking, can be exciting to capture a greater share of customers and said by the way set the hybridization efficiency as a stop in the regular end brand.

It measures 4.3 meters long and has a weight of 1,300 kilograms a weight that a priori may seem somewhat high but keep in mind that your engine is electric only has the equivalent of 268 hp (220 kwh, ie two motors of 130 kW each installed in a rear wheel. And a maximum torque of 707 Nm, giving it benefits from sports to only need 5 seconds to reach 100 km / h, achieving a top speed of 190 km / h.