There are minor scratches and damage to the bodywork of your car that do not require give a part to insurance. Here are some cheap and easy to implement proposals. Daily use and over time can degrade the appearance both outside and inside the car. Outside, the sun is a hostile element for paint, varnish attenuating ending that makes it shine and to own lacquer color. Meanwhile, ensuing Arabian splash gravel, tar. In addition, not to mention the scratches that comes sooner rather than later to the car body sometimes because of third parties and others for our mistake in a maneuver.

The best kits to repair scratches car

When scratches body is not excessive, there are products brushes, waxes and mastics, markers and even strips for sale that allow repair to the vehicle looking its best. Together, these repairs scratches for the car are cheap and easy to apply. Moreover, the need to repair and fill small bites that make plastic bumpers and protective exterior moldings the most exposed. Here is a selection with some of the best kits to repair scratches that exist in the market.

The repairperson scratches for car GS27 Titanium can find it in a jar of 150 grams from less than 12 in automotive specialist superstores. Very effective for small scratches and cracks in the style of some waxes body but perhaps not so much the damage is something deeper. It is a product that works effectively in general terms, but which also fit expect “miracles” if the damage is more severe.

The repairman scratches that sells under its own brand specialty store Nor auto is one of the repairmen paint cheaper body of those you can find in the market, and also one of the most suitable to muddle through if the damage has your car are not major.

Repair person scratches for Turtle Wax car

The repairperson scratches for Turtle Wax car announces professional results and is offered in a dispensing tube with 150 grams of product. It is best used with non – abrasive cloth, in the style of soft suedes not shed hair. It is suitable for surfaces not chipped, or what is the same, serves to pitting and scratches on the varnish that has jumped the body, but not colored lacquer. Your instructions recommend not apply if the sheet is heated by the sun or engine temperature.

The markers Repair Touch up are a simple alternative to surface only minor damage. Before, of course, wash the surface to try to remove any traces of dirt that hinder the correct application of the product. Then clean the liquid and the remaining residue with a cloth, allow to air dry (better if the sun by its ultraviolet action) 24 hours and problem solved.

The 3M offers a full equipment to repair scratches and damage the car including external paint stains. The set consists of a sponge type sandpaper to prepare the area once clean, and another two sponges that are applied with a polisher or drill that takes the place of it. The latter are combined with filler and a wax to be applied in a consecutive sequence. It serves to repair damage depth and requires tool, but its effectiveness is remarkable about scratches and surface