We do not know if Koenig egg engineers are made of sterner stuff, but little should miss. As you remember, a few days ago a Koenig egg 1:1 that was rolling in dedicated to hunting and capturing a record time suffered a fatal accident which fortunately no injury to regret. But the manufacturer waylaid to announce that rebuild the unit to return to life.

The cause of the accident for ABS

ABS Specifically, when the pilot pulled to slow to 170 km / h, the front axle was blocked, crashing into the guardrail of Adenauer Forts to 110 km / h , throwing the car into the air for 22 meters. This has served through a software update, the driver or even sounds entering failure mode, not allowing passing a certain speed now report such failures.

Why the wheels locked? It seems, by a sensor defective ABS on the left front wheel, which made the witness, blazed forth in the table watches, but because both the location of the box watches as the driver was equipped with safe operating and fully focused on the road, it was not able to see the lighting of the witness and act accordingly.

You also ask the fire caused by the back and causes. In this case, they argue, it is due to contact of the carbon fiber panels and exhaust was at a high temperature but fortunately, the pilot was able to extinguish it in time using the extinguisher was inside the vehicle.