They have only been a few months since Mercedes-Benz submit the present and of course still new generation E-Class. After leaving behind a generation with its pluses and minuses endured more than half a decade this time the Class E dresses all out to give life to a model that will endure over time until the middle of the next decade and seen it seems obvious that the German brand will give our best in this new body.

The Mercedes Class E All Terrain

An example of this is the staging for the first time the Mercedes Class E All Terrain. As its name suggests and as we have already had in recent months, the All Terrain be an off-road variant it will take as its starting point the E – Class Estate, and will compete face to face with the Audi A6 all road. The Class E All Terrain will have a higher than initially expected off-road skills, as the German mark and be involved a lot with customers seeking a family for all types of terrain.

The Mercedes Class E All Terrain debut in Paris 2

As is the case with the A6 all road Audi, the Class E All Terrain Mercedes-Benz will be expensive, and start from a range of engines from the upper-middle range of Class E, including of course, the total 4MATIC drive as standard in all versions. Among other goodies, we will see a lot more raised suspension from the standard model, including protections also low and defenses.

During this, last week has been leaked officially -and is virtually the Mercedes E-Class All Terrain debut at the Paris Motor Show, during the month of October. However, it will not be until early 2017, when the German mark starts sales in Europe.