Reading about the latest car news and checking out accessories is one thing, but when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, the seemingly endless factors to consider can be a little intense. You know you want a car that looks and feels good, but its very important to be aware of all the features and characteristics that might affect you as you own the car for years. Luckily, weve put together a guide with the most important things to do when you start car shopping.

The overall important thing to know before you start is that the more effort you put into researching your new car purchase, the happier you will probably be in the end and the more youre likely to save when you buy. The time comparing different vehicles is definitely worth it, and it doesnt have to be hard. Although there are lots of sites that offer research advice, we have found one to be the easiest and most reliable: is a site that helps you locate dealers and cars for sale that youre looking for, yes, but they also feature a massive amount of research help for the car shopping. For instance, you can check out video reviews of vehicles and in depth comparisons of similar models. This can be invaluable once youve narrowed down a type or size of car or truck that fits your needs, and you are getting down to the details.

Its important to do this research so that you narrow down your list of what vehicles you are interested in, but the process has another important purpose: to get the most value for your money when you make your purchase. When you step into a dealership, of course the salespeople there will likely want to help, but they are also working to make sure you spend the most money possible. The more information you are armed with before you get to this step, the more you can rely on your own knowledge about what you should pay and compare it to the prices the dealership is offering.

Another important factor here is that you cannot rely on one dealer to offer the best price in your area. You should absolutely visit more than one car lot to compare prices and offers as much as you can. Going that extra mile could be the difference between spending too much on the base model of a new car or getting last years top trim level at a great value. Theres no need to rush your car purchase. If the sedan or pickup with the features youre looking for at the price you have budgeted isnt available at the moment, dont give up and settle for something different. Waiting and continuing to search for the vehicle that works for you will make you happier in the long run.

No matter what youre looking to drive, this guide can help you find the best combination of features and value, and it all starts with research. Spending the extra effort and time to increase your knowledge about whats out there is something every car shopper should do.