The present generation of the Porsche 911 GT3 has not generated any time any discussion regarding their performance or dynamic capabilities. And the 911 closest circuit to date -together with the GT3 RS has managed to curdle the needs of customers and those seeking a truly purist face 911 for use in circuit even despite the added as standard 7 speed automatic transmission.


It is now with the renewal of half cycle of the 911 GT3 when the Stuttgart sports will peak in terms of power and capabilities, all without having to resort to the use of turbo charging. We will not go into details, but it is very possible that we are before the latest release of a 911 GT3 atmospheric and Porsche want to leave the very high standard.

So much so, that the renewed GT3 “standard” builds on the 500 horses it power that gives the current GT3 RS. Seen this way, what will bring us the German? In this image filtered can see the most important changes aesthetic level, we highlight the new front and rear bumpers looking to add more cooling the front brakes and of course the engine.

The rear spoiler will remain identical in principle and however, the greatest changes will be in the propellant and mechanical, with improvements inside. Moreover, the 911 GT3 RS, which will arrive a little later, will peak at about 530 horses, leaving already free via the almighty 911 GT2, which will return in this generation as a nod to those looking for a 911 developed and enhanced to all levels facing circuit.