The presentation of this year Audi Q2 has made clear that the German house have big plans to continue evolving in the market of compact urban crossovers and SUVs. A few years ago the Taigun Volkswagen prototype was forgotten simply because they are too curt or at this point the story is rather another.

Volkswagen is already working on a crossover access

Volkswagen is already working on a super mini SUV that fall below the Tiguan, and will be based on the Audi Q2 chassis yes taking measurements, image and dimensions of the next pole. It is under the image and aesthetic of the current Polo through which they are working with the German mark will be the small crossover Volkswagen. Not just information for now it is obvious that share many of the engines with Q2, but within market and potential customers will deal fairly with each other.

With the next generation of the Volkswagen Polo preparing to debut the middle of next year, Volkswagen will use the Audi Q2 to position in the market for a b-SUV that a priori seems clearly derived from the new Polo, but in the background is full savings costs thanks to the work done in the case of Audi. Knowing that until the end of next year the new Polo will not be fully established in the market is likely to do b-SUV shortly thereafter.

This is the McLaren 688 HS with an acronym that matches high sport and part of a philosophy similar to Long Tail but yes with greater power and performance. The McLaren 688 HS takes as its starting point the 675 LT but is more powerful and lighter. As an interesting note, it is expected to McLaren 688 HS accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 2.8 seconds versus 2.9 seconds it takes for the 675 LT. Older differences, which will not be abysmal will be felt in circuit and high speeds.

McLaren will build a very limited run of 688 HS only 25 units. There are very few compared to the 500 units that were marked for 675 LT, and considering that the latter was much sought after it is very likely that each of the units High Sport is already reserved and sold.